Within the past two decades, Fortune 100 companies began the movement of outsourcing critical business functions. Their company structures called for leaner, flatter organizations and more efficient office transactions. The results of these strategic outsourcing moves saved millions of dollars and increased productivity significantly.

Many small business owners may think Fortune 100 companies have hefty budgets to throw money at professional employment organizations (PEOs) for outsourcing. Small businesses may even feel that staying close to daily business transactions will keep them grounded in their businesses and aware of what’s going on the front line. Well, both of these thoughts may be true but there is a sacrifice in not letting go. The sacrifice is expansion opportunities, continuous improvement, and business flexibility.

Every small business owner knows marketing itself can be a full time job. You have to secure clients in order to secure your business. Quality of product and service protect your brand and reputation; therefore, continuous improvements to your process and adding innovations keep your customers satisfied and loyal. Critical business solutions keep you in the game. Having flexibility to implement new ideas and the leg room to see it through, will move you ahead of your competitors.

The most effective way established for small businesses to get ahead is outsourcing. Specifically, human resource outsourcing will free up time and energy to focus on your business. HR outsourcing will take care of the personnel aspects of your business so you can build, grow, and stay protected. HR outsourcing will alleviate the burden of the following employment activities:

Recruiting, Background Checks, New Hire Orientation
Training and Development
Employee Relations
Employee Benefit Claim Resolution, FMLA and Leave of Absence Tracking
Regulatory Compliance

Small businesses need to free up time to grow and have a trusted partner watch their back in regards to state and federal labor laws. Small businesses need a strong partner to stay aware of external changes and strengthen internal processes. In order to expand and sustain,  most small businesses have realized outsourcing has become a necessity.

Research PEOs for their experience, exposure, efficiency, cost, and integrity.   If you want your business to get to the next level, this is the first step to success and prosperity!