Many emerging small businesses have a valued, business savvy, multi-tasking, administrative, financial professional running their daily business transactions.  These treasured administrators are called Office Managers.  The typical job description of an Office Manager includes almost everything under the sun!  Take a look at these job duties; Expense Tracking, Payroll, Operations Scheduling, Inventory Control/Supply Management, Communication Hub, and all Personnel Activities.

Respectfully, the Office Manager is a Jack of All Trades; however is not a Master at handling the compliance & regulatory issues, employee relations matters, employee policies & procedures, payroll audits, training, or change management strategies. The skill sets needed to ensure your company doesn’t face any risk or exposure rests within the human resource (HR) profession.  In addition to mitigating business exposure, HR adds a strategic value of understanding businesses and proactively aligning human capital and business processes to reduce cost, increase sales, and grow a diverse & satisfied consumer base.

Office Managers typically are overwhelmed with running the front office duties; moreover the added pressure of making HR decisions is much too much!  Small businesses are now trending in the decision to outsource HR functions or provide the leeway needed to bring in human resource experts, when necessary.  For example, increased business or technology changes may drive staffing, on boarding & training needs.  HR outsourcing can assume the recruiting, new hire orientation, and change management/communication strategies to support the business.  The Office Manager can then be freed up to adjust the front office systems for the additional volume and employee overhead while maintaining the productivity of the office.

Small businesses owners are encouraged not to wait too late for HR support. Although we sometimes see our Office Managers as superhuman, they aren’t miracle workers!  For the clarity, sanity, and retention of your indispensable Office Manager, appoint a qualified, affordable, virtual Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) firm as your strong, valued business partner.