There is no doubt Domestic Violence affects the workplace. Abusive relationships can invade all facets of the workplace causing increased health care costs, lost productivity, increased absenteeism, employee turnover, and heightened safety risks. But most importantly domestic violence impacts a valued employee, team member, colleague, and friend.  As a manager, co-worker, or by-stander it is your duty in most company’s core values and ethical commitment to show compassion, empathy, and take immediate action on these sensitive situations.

So what do we do as an employee, manager, or business owner?

First, Educate on Domestic Violence and its indicators such as:

  • Tardy and/or leaving work early
  • Continual unexplained absences
  • Lack of focus, missed deadlines
  • Physical injury and physical deterioration
  • Excessively borrowing money
  • Poor work performance

Second, Publicize and display company support and corrective action steps throughout your workplace. There are great campaigns such as “No More” which have great videos and visual aids that can help spread the message.

Lastly, you must ACT. Do something! Report any visible or verbal indicators to your HR Department. If a victim comes forward requesting support, HR Departments should respond with confidentiality and offer (EAP) Employee Assistance Program and Short Term Disability coverage. Under the EAP program, the victim will have job protection, excused time off, and receive the professional help needed to potentially save their life and ultimately return to work as a viable employee.

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