Recruiting & On Boarding

It all begins with great talent!  Knowledgeable, dependable, and engaged employees are critical to the success of your business.   Acquiring the proper talent to meet your business needs and fit within your company culture is our expertise.   HR Strong understands the importance of quick turnarounds when filling organizational gaps and alleviating any compromise to your business productivity, cost, and morale.

HR Strong’s Recruiting & On Boarding Service focuses on mining the marketplace for qualified talent, shortening the interview process, and on boarding new talent to the team with ease and a personal touch.

HR Strong’s Recruiting & Onboarding Services Include:

Candidate Sourcing


HR Strong capitalizes on Social Media, specialized Job Boards, University & College Relationships, Professional Organizations, and Networks to find your next valued employee.  HR Strong has the capability to places candidates both domestically and internationally.

Interview Processs


HR Strong utilizes Video Recruiting to pre-qualify and present candidates to clients.  Video Recruiting is a progressive, efficient way for businesses to meet and interview candidates through video streaming.  This significantly cuts down the days to fill the position and first day of work.

On Boarding


HR Strong completes the pre-employment background checks and necessary paperwork for the selected new hire.  HR Strong also coordinates the new hire start date, conducts the New Hire Orientation, and maintains an open communication with the new hire to answer administrative questions throughout the on boarding for a smooth and easy transition.  We guarantee your company’s personal touch which is critical for employee retention and turnover prevention.