HR Management

We’ve seen it dozens of times. Emerging companies attempt to skimp on HR because they think they can; only to realize that not having the proper HR Management expertise and capabilities quickly drains an organization from multiple perspectives. Well, this is our sweet spot!

HR Strong is staffed with seasoned HR Management professionals who stand ready six days a week (Monday-Saturday), to field client questions, resolve emergencies and address common client concerns. This team of professionals can step in as an alternative to employing in-house resources by serving as your Fractional HR manager, supplementing your existing HR team with our expertise, or serving as an interim solution before hiring an in-house HR resource. No matter your specific needs, we help you promote and implement effective employee management processes and policies and ensure compliance. You’ll see an immediate impact!

Human Resource Services

HR Strong’s Management services include:
•    Fractional HR Manager
•    Onsite Interim HR Manager
•    Onsite Supplementary HR Support

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